Lively, fast & open sounding integrated under 3k?

My speakers are 89db 2 way monitors with a very warm sound. Minimum impedance 3.5 ohm
large Room, low level listening 

My goals
excellent immediacy, speed & timing (dont recommend naim, very unnatural forced sound)

forward soundstage (begins at the listening position and extends beyond the speakers)

Body without warmth

small in size if possible, but no class D, doubles into 4 ohms, Good at low volumes
new or used.

possible candidates from reading reviews

crayon cia-1
teac ai-2000
krell s300i
sugden a21se

Try  ATC SIA 2-150 originally created for ATC speakers (power hungry)

" The ATC produces a spine-tingling connection between the listener and the music, not just with rock, but whatever your musical poison."