Living in Japan. Any opinions on amplifiers?

Living here I figured I would be in audio heaven but it seems like Japan falls in love with certain brands and ignores others. Since I need to buy something here 100V I’m wondering if any of you have an idea of underrated/overlooked value products currently in production. I know this sounds like a lame question and that I should do research but my Japanese still sucks and I thought there might be a few of you who are familiar with what is available here now. I have looked at vintage Luxman and there are a lot available but I thought a current production amp would be more practical and utilized modern technology Ie streaming etc. 
Teac is also a Japanese brand that has mid to high level products.

todd, esoteric is the high-line of teac...

also, when you buy a japanese jdm unit there from a shop, you should ask if it can easily be converted to usa line voltage... then if you really like it, just have them do the 110v conversion before you head back states-side

that is what i did with gear i bought and used in hong kong when i lived there
2 years old but seems appropriate for this thread. Arigatogozaimashita!   
P.S.  Can anyone name that speaker ??