Living room integrated with HDMI ARC

Hello! I currently have some Klipsch Forte IVs with a NAD M51 and Schiit Aegir for my living room but I'm looking for an integrated amp that has HDMI ARC so I can consolidate to one remote. Has anyone had experience with any of the amps with the Fortes? I know they excel with tubes but for a living room setup, solid state is a bit more convenient. My current list of considerations is:

  • Naim Uniti Atom
  • NAD M10
  • NAD 3050
  • NAD M33
  • Lyngdorf integrated
  • Linn DS/3 integrated

Others that have ARC but not sure if it would match well or as well received:

  • Marantz 40n
  • Yamaha N2000 (a bit too big)
  • Arcam SA30
  • Cambridge EVO

Should I just stick with optical out from my TV and just ignore ARC? Is it not worth the upgrade and just stick to a DAC/PRE + power amp or DAC + integrated? The biggest draw for me with ARC is the possibility of using the TV remote to control volume and not having to worry about two remotes for my family.

Thanks for your suggestions!


+1 on using ARC, as for which integrated I would recommend any of the NAD's that come with DIRAC room correction, room correction is key.

i've heard the naim uniti and the cambridge evo and they're both vg and full-featured--the cambridge has more power but you don't need a lot of power with your klipsch. i personally avoid nad because of reliability.