Living room system: class A or AB amps?

Would class A be suitable for a living room system? Apart from hi-fi listening sessions, it's also used a lot for watching TV.

Would it make more sense to get good class AB amplifiers, which can be switched on permanently without drawing huge amounts of power? I wouldn't want to warm-up an amp first before getting good sound.

For this system, I have so far only purchased the speakers: Focal Stella Utopia Evo. Room is big: 1,200 square feet with openings to hallways.

I'd consider to pair them with Gryphon Mephisto and Pandora. But that's class A...

Opinions and amp suggestions are welcome!


How high is the ceiling?
It's 10ft to the plaster ceiling, then another 1/2ft to the concrete slab.
I'm about 12 feet away from the speakers.

Regarding doubling down when impedances halves: I think both Pass Labs and Luxman M-900u do a good enough job at that.

If going for Pass, I'd veer towards the X600.8 monoblocks.

Luxman monos will give you superlative performance. Don't second guess it.
That's encouraging! Did you hear them personally? If so, with what speakers?
For watching TV? Okay....
Not just for watching TV. That's just a by-product because it's in the living room. I regularly enjoy long listening sessions, and that's why I'm spending this kind of money.

P.S. I got the newer Stella Evo's. You referred to the older version of this speaker, now on discount.
hey Robert,
I think you know the answer.... its a trade-off of heat, power cost, whether you feel green, and sound.
Lets begin with the fact that being class A vs AB is not the most important determinant of sound quality.  A high-bias AB design does 99% of what a class A design does, at a 75% power/heat/cost savings.  And a well designed AB will sound better. Only when all other factors are equal does the last 1% matter.  keep in mind also that "AB" covers a wide range of bias levels. Either you understand or i cant explain it succinctly here (but am happy to offline).
if you are talking tubes, its a bit clearer, but would one leave tubes on 24x7 anyway? I hope not.
Maybe I'm falling bait to a joke, but listen and evaluate against the practical impact of electricity and heat. I personally cant justify wasting that much power since my amps achieve the vast majority of their warm up in about 30 minutes.  But then again, it was a design goal.
To OP, If I had just spent 100K or 65K on sale for that matter. I would think it a no-brainer to jump on a plane and go to the highest of the high-end dealerships who sells Focal and audition amps in a large space. Obviously you're going to spend the dough it takes to get the rest of it correct, meaning to YOUR liking.  Good luck...let us know.