Living room system: class A or AB amps?

Would class A be suitable for a living room system? Apart from hi-fi listening sessions, it's also used a lot for watching TV.

Would it make more sense to get good class AB amplifiers, which can be switched on permanently without drawing huge amounts of power? I wouldn't want to warm-up an amp first before getting good sound.

For this system, I have so far only purchased the speakers: Focal Stella Utopia Evo. Room is big: 1,200 square feet with openings to hallways.

I'd consider to pair them with Gryphon Mephisto and Pandora. But that's class A...

Opinions and amp suggestions are welcome!

I have Utopia Scala Evos and use mine similar to the way you will(music, TVs, and movies).   If you have the dollars I would go with Gryphon(you can adjust the bias) or Naim.   Both are great with Focals in my opinion.   Good luck!  
robert1976 OP

Robert I gave your answer to leaving it on all day with low heat and power consumption. Yet still having Class-A sound when listening.


I read your suggestion, thank you. The low bias button is like a "stand by" button. Before a listening session you simply press the high bias button. The Mephisto has that too.

robert1976 OP The low bias button is like a "stand by" button.
No, not stand-by because that means the amp is not on, but a low biased high wattage Class-A/B amp that you can just leave as a warm up or use for non serious listening, eg: parties, dinner parties, background music etc etc. No heat or big Class-A power bills.

Then if you want to listen seriously you just press the medium or high bias buttons, and there’s no wait time involved to listen to great Class-A sound.

Cheers George

FWIW, the Pass Labs x250.8 gets no hotter than a warm (not hot) cup of tea after running for hours. (You could keep your hand on the amp for a long time...not that you'd want to.)