Living Voice Mystic Mat Experiences

Anyone try it? Is it still available. Is it worth it? Is there anything better. How about a Vacuum Mat?

Looking at your pictures it seems the same as my Carbon Mat made by m puck de. in Germany. I honestly think it is just OK. It softens the dynamics. It also gives images a rounder feel if you like that. I tried to sell it w. no hits. How does the Mystic Mat affect the sound? In what specific ways?
The Mystic Mat is NOT the same as the german Carbon Mat - which I saw in a German store. The Mystic Mat definitely does not soften dynamics - just the opposite. There is another new review of the Mystic Mat by Edward Barker on, I think, his observations are comparable to mine
I tried the Boston Audio Mat on a copper platter. The sound with vinyl direct on the platter was more dynamic and with more definition. The Boston Mat made everything sound bigger but more fuzzy. This is based on placing the mat on a copper platter. The Simon Yorke turntable comes with a graphite mat and Pluto Turntable which comes with an aluminum platter advocates using a copper mat with the Mystic Mat in conjunction. One of the members on this forum with a vast experience in analogue recommended using no mat at all, suggesting that the placing the LP directly on the metal platter is best. So far that has been my experience but I am curious about the Mystic Mat.
I've use both the Mystic Matt and the Boston. Of course both matts depend on what turntable etc., but on mk 80mm acrylic platter the MM is a distinct improvement in most areas, while I probably wouldn't use the Boston long term. On Garrards, both work very well. Havent tried either on really high mass platters. They don't work in all circumsatance. For instance the mystic's designer doesn't recommend it with SMEs. As usual these matts will be system and taste dependent.