Local dealer has ESP

I called a local dealer to ask about a particular DAC from a mfr that he carries. He immediately recommended another brand that he carries because the one I asked about "sounds clinical and not very musical." When I asked if he had heard one he admitted he had not but assured me that the one he recommended was much better-and was less money.

I have avoided this dealer for years because when I tried to patronize him in the past he did the same thing. Back then he asked what kind of amp I was using and when I told him he made a face and said those didn't sound very good at all. I asked if he had ever heard one and he said no. He also said the only way to know if you like a component is to listen to it yourself.

I agree, but I'm going to find somewhere else to listen to the DAC.
Pretty sure every dealer does this to some degree but few are stupid or arrogant enough to say it outloud. I had faith in dealers but that isnt really the case anymore. Service, respect and ones word is remembered long after price is forgotten.
Local dealer has ESP
i think you need to change the title of your post to "Local dealer IS ESP" where ESP stands for 'extremely stupid person'! ;-)