Logical upgrades to a DD turntable.

I decided to keep my Technics SL1200 MK3D as my main listening turntable for the time being. I have maintained it fairly well, but it's also clear that it needs some more maintenance and upgrades to get the most out of it.
I've been trying to decide on a good cartridge upgrade from my current Shure M44-7, but being that the power cord, the rca outs, ground, tone arm, are all original stock (cheap+flimsy), it feels like that it may not make too much sense in investing in something substantial just yet.
My question is - what is the logical order of upgrades for this particular turntable? Should I upgrade cabling to something better first? Or the tonearm? What is the most obvious tweak / upgrade for this type of turntable before spending substantial money on a better cartridge?
Thank you for any pointers!
I have a Technics SL1200 MK2 that came with the KAB RCA mod.  Not having heard it before the mod, I can't say it's better or worse, but it does provide the flexibility of using better interconnects.

The most impactful and relatively affordable (at the time, they've since increased in price) upgrade was replacing the old worn out feet with some from MNPCTECH.  There are others available.

I have also added the KAB fluid damper and put some fo.Q tape on the tonearm.  Neither had much effect to my ears, but it tracks well, has good bass, and doesn't "ring".  I use very little fluid in the damper, just enough to get the bottom of the paddle in it.  

There are a lot of other little tweaks you can do, external power supplies, disabling the strobe light, tonearm re-wires, and more.

People mistakenly write them off as "DJ turntables".  They are very solid and tend not to have issues with woofer pumping from vibrations when played very loud, which is one of the reasons many DJs adopted them, along with their steady speed and pitch control, and being built like tanks.  

The KAB website is a good resource and there's a lot of good information on Vinyl Engine.
KAB is nothing special, fluid damper is ONLY for very high compliance cartridge. His cables are not the best and you can get better from Cardas or Discovery for very low cost.

But I will say it again: nothing will give you such a huge improvement as a cartridge, your Shure M44-7 is a DJ cartridge with Bonded Conical tip, replace it with Hi-Fi cartridge.

Do not start from the cables, it’s wrong start.

Fluid damper only collect dust, I have replaced them and don’t use them anymore. Got my pair of SL1210 mkII since 1995 and upgraded with Cardas tonearm wires, Zu Audio Mission Phono RCA cable, Isonoe feet ...

One of the best mat for this turntable is SAEC SS-300.

SL1210 mkII are not in the main system, but I taste nearly all my vintage and new MM cartridges on this turntables with headphones first. Some killer cartridges for this tonearm and turntable: SONY XL-50 (Boron Pipe cantilever), Victor X1II series (Titanium or Berylliym cantilever), Pickering XSV/4000 and Stanton 881s mkII (Stereohedron tip) ... just to name a few for reasonable cost NOS. 

@chakster I agree about the KAB cables, they are average at best.  I am using KIMBER KABLE TAK-Cu interconnects on my SL-1200 MK2.  I had an issue with hum when using MM cartridges and the TAC-Cu has eliminated that.  I forgot to mention mats, I use the Funk Achromat on mine.