Logitech Squeezebox Touch DAC: How Good?

Logitech Squeezebox Touch's are allegedly raining out of UPS trucks into the arms of new owners, as we speak.... or as you read this ;-)

NOW, advance word is that the analog out is a huge step up from it's predessor. It's alleged to have quite a good DAC.

How good?

Those of you with some experience on this matter - please speak up! It is stomping your Berkeley DAC? Empirical? Weiss? Peachtree? Cambridge? Devilsound?

(Is it listenable?!)

The world wants to know!

I just transferred a 96/24 wave file from my PC to a USB stick and popped into the back of my touch. It takes a few minutes to figure out how to switch from your main library to the USB but when I had that part sorted out it lit up as being 96k on my Lavry DAC and the file played flawlessly.

I've only had the Touch for a couple of days but it has been streaming 96/24 wave flawlessly since I hooked it up. 96/24 FLAC files however have not been playing for me, they start out fine and then become slow and choppy sounding. I'm not sure if my router is too slow or if it's a software issue.

It is likely the case that the SD card slot will play back 96/24 no problem as well, I can test that out at a later date if anyone is interested.
UPDATE: Well I'm getting great sound via analog and even better via digital outs into a DAC, and the SDHC card (32GB) works great, and internet radio works perfectly, and connection to my Mac-based server is superb.

USB hard connection is very flakey, not quite ready for prime time.

And switching from controlling the player via direct touch to the Logitech-supplied remote and then back works fine, but switching to a player on my Mac is just about hopeless (perhaps I'm doing it wrong?).

Cannot comment on hi rez files, I only use music ripped from cd to Apple Lossless or 256 bit rate.

On balance I am thrilled with this thing and already bought a second one for the bedroom, and can see my days of owning a standalone CDP being numbered.

The functionality that works well is flat out spectacular.

Hello All,
I am seeking some technical advise from you all that How to connect (wire less) the SB Touch to DAC? I do agree the touch has DAC still I need to us my external DAC. Please Suggest. Also the possiblity to go with wire less connection between from Laptop/External HardDrivd to SB Touch? My Setup is planned....
External Hard drive>Laptop>SB Touch>DAC>Stereo System and speakers.

SmHoll, I've been using the Bryston BDA-1 DAC that I borrowed from Dan.

BTW, yesterday evening we have a major shootout with me, Dan and Brent:
- SB Touch analog outs (Mac server)
- SB Touch digital out to Bryston BDA-1 (Mac server)
- Cary 308T cdp player with tube output stage
- MacBook Pro USB output to Bryston BDA-1 USB input
- MacBook Pro USB to Empirical anti-jitter device to Bryston BDA-1 digital input

Results of the first three were similar to my earlier brief testing. The Touch analog out is very, very satisfying, but the Bryston and Cary are better at isolating images in space, and better at bass control. The Cary seems a touch more "human" (presumably due to the tubes).

Bottom line is that I do NOT feel compelled to get a DAC for the Touch even though this is my high end audio system! And, I don't feel that getting a DAC would be a waste so I might do that in coming months.

Caveat: interconnects are RCA Cardas Golden Reference, which, as many of you know, have a nice musical touch of their own.

BTW, much of the testing was done blind. As in, blindfolded!


Mac to Bryston USB input sounded distorted!
Mac to Empircal anti-jitter device to Bryston digital input was fantastic.

Finally, today I called Squeezebox support and they are well aware of the two problems I along with others been having:
- USB drives directly connected to the Touch. They are working on this and are hopeful that it will be a software fix.
- Player on the Mac working intermittently (I find the server works great, rock solid, but player often can't find the Touch to control it.)

Overall happy camper.