LOMC... phono stage okay, but which cart?

I ordered a Graham Slee Reflex and Elevator in order to have a LOMC-compatible phono stage. I have a MM cartridge, but want to buy a LOMC. My budget is around $1-1.5K. I desire a cartridge with nicely balanced tonal quality, yet with punch/dynamics and articulation. I listen mostly to 70's-80's rock and some jazz/fusion. On the radar so far is the Dynavector 17D3 'Karat' and the Ortofon Kontrapunkt B. My tonearm is an OL Encounter with 14.5g effective mass. According to my calcs, either of these cartridges would work theoretically, even though the Dyna is really light and the Ortofon is fairly heavy. According to reviews and forum posts, both of these cartridges have the sonic qualities I desire. What are some other cartridges in this price range to consider that will likely work well in my tonearm?
Johnbrown, thanks for your recommendation! What do you mean by the 17D3 sounding "hotter"? Do you mean brighter, more dynamic, or what? I don't want an overly bright cartridge, but lots of dynamic capability would be great. As I stated, my main listening is to rock music of various sorts and I appreciate dynamics and articulation over a warm, syrupy sound. I have read that the 17D3 is very dynamic and "fast" with its miniscule diamond cantilever, so that intrigues me. In what ways is the XX2 better? Any insight into the Ortofon Kontrapunkt B? That one looks pretty interesting, too. Thanks again...
The XX2 MKII is as fast and has a more natural and smoother presentation than the 17D3. The 17D3 is a brighter cartridge that can be a little edgy. The XX2 MKII is more dynamic, better detail, and quieter, slightly more relaxed. Balanced sound from top to bottom. If you go the XX2 route make sure and get the MKII version. I think the original XX2 was a little on the slow sounding side compared to the newer version.
Thanks 'Tom hankins', you described the differences better than I could have. Right on the money.
I would recommend to get a 2. Hand Lyra Helikon. Great Performance for the price and a good upgrade Policy.
I have an older XX1 (which preceeded the XX2), so my comments may not totally apply. I moved from a well loved 20X because I got a can't miss deal on this baby (it was literally sitting in a drawer and forgotten for 8 years and wasn't fully broken in when I got it).

The XX1 kept the DV house sound but provided me with much more depth and detail and finesse. That's what I was told, that these characteristics will just increase as you move up the DV line. However, I lost some of the dynamics and punch that the 20X had. Now this is 2 generations below the current XX2 MKII so I would guess that issue would have been adressed and corrected.