Lone Star Audio Fest is this weekend in Dallas! Free admission.

LSAF is an annual audio show that takes place the first weekend in May every year in Dallas. Is anyone else planning to attend? I spoke with Lone Star Audio out of Austin, and they are going to be demonstrating Magico A3 with T +A amplification. Since the A3 room at AXPONA was so crowded and I was never able to give them a proper listen, I'm looking forward to being able to get into the sweet spot and hear them out some more.

Raven Audio amps will also be there, driving Legacy Audio speakers, and I also understand that Rick Craig will have Selah speakers there. Also, not to be missed is Joshua Miles and his JWM Acoustics turntables and awesome speakers. Usher speakers are also supposed to be there. Oh, and those Austin Acoustics speakers are mind blowing.


Here is a report on last year's LSAF on Positive Feedback:

I went on Saturday. It's a small event, but I'm glad I attended. My new goal is to attend at least two shows per year.

The JWM bookshelf speakers really sound good, but may be a little forward sounding to some. I listened to Magico A3s connected to the      T + A 3100HV integrated. I don't know if it was the speakers, amp, room, or the combination of everything, but the sound was rather dry and lacking detail. The YG Acoustics Carmel 2s being driven by the Gryphon Diablo 300 was excellent. The Carmel  2s were open, detailed, and had decent bass. 

It was really nice to met a fellow Audiogon member calvinj. I'm sure Calvin and I will stay in contact. 
What’s up ricred1. I loved the jwm acoustics. I agree except I didn’t think they were forward. I think they were amongst the best monitors I’ve ever heard in that price range.  I like the detail and organic mix. I agree with you on the YG set up. It sounded great. I also agree on the Magico T/A combination. It wasn’t right. I heard the same Magico speakers at axpona and they sounded a lot better. I think it was the electronics not the speaker. It was great meeting y’all at the show. We will keep in Audio touch! I also visited the brothers in THE BLACK HOLE ROOM. We had a great jazz listening session. Allen toussiant. Buika. Duke Pearson. Ahmad Jamal. Cecile salvant. Thelonious Monk. What a jam session! Can’t wait till next year.
@ricred1  Rick, I'm not familiar with the JWM monitors and will look those up. Thanks for the feedback on the A3s and the Carmel 2s.

Any updates on possible speaker choices (Aeris?) or preamps? 
What did y'all think about the speakers Volti threw together since he had no speakers built after Expona?

I'm not going to do anything. I talked to a guy at length yesterday about the Aeris.
I didn't realize I had to purchase the room correction and preamp with DAC. I decided to stay with my system that I love. I don't want to take one step forward and two steps back. It has taken a long time for me to get to this point and I need to enjoy it. I received my last Audioquest Hurricane power cord today. I will continue to attend shows to support our hobby and listen to all of the wonderful gear that exists. 
ricred1:  Good to know you are set with your Monitor PL-500s and your Roland gear. Sending a PM regarding the Hurricanes.

I responded to your PM. I hope my response helps. 

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I was there Saturday and Sunday.  Yes, the JWM speakers seem to defy the laws of physics, with their incredible bass power, definition, and extension, all the while throwing a huge, clear and detailed sound stage and fantastic vocals. 

Sadly, as I arrived at the YG Acoustics room on Sunday, they said they were having to take down the room early, so I only heard a few seconds, but it sounded quite impressive.