Lone Star Audio Festival - Dallas 2011

Anyone going? It will be my first show ever to have attended, looking forward to it.
Thank you very much, Uriah.

One of Uriah's preamps will be in my room (I'm not sure he knew that until now; I think I forgot to tell him I'd be using it). The preamp he loaned me last year played a major role in any good sounds we had going on in there, so much so that I bought one.

I'll be showing an evolution of last year's speakers, and Richard Gray will be providing the amplification. Yes, *that* Richard Gray... he's been quietly building tube amps for decades.

Looking forward to meeting you, Quadophile! Now one of the really neat things about Lone Star is rooms like Fred's - that is, hardcore hobbyist rooms. In fact, you'll notice quite a bit of similarity between what Fred's doing as a hobbyist and I'm doing for money.

In fact, you could exhibit too, if you wanted. I clicked on the link to your "system" page, and you've got some very cool stuff that many of us have only read about, or haven't heard in a long time but have fond memories of. If you don't have an accomplice, you wouldn't need to leave your room open all the time - just when you felt like it, in between "making the rounds". If it's logistically feasible, you might consider it.


I look forward to meeting you for sure! I moved to the US in 2007 and had to give up all of it before coming. I actually forgot to update that, I will now post an update there so as not to confuse anyone that I still have all those components.

The only thing I had when I arrived was the Sennheiser HD-600 headphones and Headroom Total bithead as far as equipment was concerned and I managed to bring with me some 80 albums from the 1400 I had. It is not a good feeling when I look back and realize what I had back then. One day I hope I will be able to get to the point where I left off.

Thanks for responding.
Hope you guys are having a blast! Wanted to attend but unable to.

Look forward to hearing impressions from you all.

Sebrof, every time I read your gooogler response to me it cracks me up! Thanks for the laugh!


The show was great and so were the exhibitors, a great experience indeed!

I sure will try to make it next year too.

Hands down the best sounding system that I heard there was the Raven Audio room! The system was incredibly musical and had great detail and resolution, Given the right room this system would sound even better. The entire team of Raven Audio was very courteous, polite and professional including Dave's wife! I had a listen to it on Saturday and made it a point to hear it again as the last system before leaving so that it leaves a good taste in my mouth.