Lonestar Audio Festival - May 3-5 2013 in Dallas

Anyone going to the festival this year? I noticed no posts so far on this subject so thought I'd chime in.

I will be there with my partner whose bags were packed again immediately after coming back from attending it last year.

We will be in Room 218 under the banner of "The Black Hole Audio Video".

Hope to see some familiar faces and looking forward to meeting new ones.

Since I never attended the Chicago show you are referring to I have no way to compare the two and give you an insight. Someone may chime in to give you a better idea hopefully.
What I had in mind was a scale of the show and number of different and hopefully well established brands. Last time I went to Lone Star Fest I had to remind myself that I did move out of Albuquerque 5 years previously and moved to the 4th largest metropolitan area in USA.
Looking forward to seeing you guys there, Drop by in our room for some entertainment.
Anyone planning to go this year?
I missed last year but I'm definitely going this year. A few friends and I are bringing a system up from Austin to chill and share a few cocktails and tunes with anyone inclined to drop in. See you there!