Long distance between preamp and power amp

Due to house moving and some constraints, I will have the power amplifier 6 meters away from the preamp.
The power amp only has RCA inputs, but the preamp has RCA and XLR outputs.
What's the best solution for this long distance? Simply go RCA to RCA? Or should I use the balanced outputs on the preamp side and then make use of an adapter (XLR to RCA) to connect on the power amp side?
No , no adapters, they degrade the sound and also might create electrical disturbances.
Some RCA cables like better Purist Audio will give you no or minimal signal loss. I don't know if it would make sense to use XLR/RCA cables.
I agree with randy-11, but please make sure your preamp is a true balanced design, so you will truly benefit from the amp replacement. Some preamp use chipsets to provide balanced connectivity without the noise reduction which a true balanced design provides.
I considered replacing my amplifier, but since I love it so much (it's a Line Magnetic 219ia) and this situation will be temporary for 3 or 4 years (because then I will move again), I prefer to keep the amplifier and work out a solution around the cabling. 
I use 6-meter RCAs (AQ King Cobra) between my preamp in my listening room and my phono preamp in the next room, with no issues.