Long distance from amp to speakers

My situation (i.e., my wife's strong wishes) requires me to have my amp, preamp, etc. about 30-35 feet from my speakers.
I know this is NOT recommended, but I have to live with it.
I have recently upgraded the amp and preamp (Ayre K5xe and V5xe)and thought I should try to do something about the speaker cables. I've been using Monster cord (nothing special)runninng to Vandersteen 2ce's bi-wired.
I would be grateful for any suggestions to minimize the sound degradation because of the long distance to the speakers. What speaker cable should I look into that won't break the bank?
Thank you.
Several thoughts.....first, no one should give you advice about your marraige...that is inappropriate. If you had asked for help in deciding between your wife and your amps, that's a different story. I have tried several solutions for long runs and came up with this- long run of Belden LC-1 shielded interconnect from Blue Jeans cable + short run of Spelz anti-cable speaker cables. Second best- any short excellent interconnect of your choice + long run of Canare 4S11 twisted wire speaker cable. I have done both in two separate systems and have found that the configuration depends on your components. You will have to experiment, but it will not be that expensive (yet!). Good luck!
I'll second the basement arrangement. I do just what TIC says with the amp mounted up high and 12' speaker cables. I used a balanced DIY (followed directions posted here)cable from preamp to amp (about 35'). I was sure relieved when I hooked it all up and it sounded great, indistinguishable from running a short unbalanced interconnect (to me).

Actually I have a second amp down there as well -- it drives the "whole house" audio.

My amp is really big, so this is also a win in terms of space for the stuff that needs to be close at hand (all the stuff with knobs and buttons). I wouldn't have room for all the sources (music server, tape, turntable, and two preamps) without this arrangement.

If you're running wire anyway, be sure to run a wire for a 12V trigger, even if your current pre and/or amp doesn't support it. It's nice to be able to shut the amp off remotely.

And if your wife supports your interests and hobbies, count your blessings and hide the amp!