Long Firewire Cable Runs

Greetings All,
Thanks in advance for any assitance.

I would like to move my mini about 25' away from my apogee duet and the rest of my system. A little research points out that 15' is the maximum distance for firewire cabling.

I'm considering using a powered hub or repeater. Is there any reason not to take this approach? SHould I be concerned about drop outs?

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I use a Belkin firewire hub to tranfer digital video data via firewire between my pc and a dv tape deck, across a similar distance. That involves far higher data rates than any audio format, and I've never had a single dropped frame, or any other indication of a problem. I think you'll be fine.

-- Al
We use all NTI and Gefen CAT5e extenders in out studio for everything from DVI,VGA,FW,USB,KVM and others. You can run hundreds of feet with no problem!