long interconnects and short speaker cables

i use a 6 meter interconnect and a 6 foot speaker cable, out of convenience.

the one arguement against a long interconnect would be the affect of high preamp output impedance, say exceeding 600 ohms, upon treble response.

any thoughts on the advantages or disadvantages of the above mentioned cable arrangement ?
Gosh, no one ever thought of posing this question. Thanks for what promises to be a stimulating discussion.
I beleive what 9rw is letting you know is that if you do a search on this forum you will find plenty of discussion on this topic.
Also, if you look up 9rw's past threads you will see that, gosh, he has only asked questions nobody has covered before. At least not in the last week or so before he asked.
You'll do well if you use 600 meter I/Cs with a pre impedance source that has 6 outputs per Ohm. On speakers use 6 speaker cables per foot. Your speakers should have treble.

The other option you might consider is using 600 speakers stacked so you only take up a foot of space and 6 pre-amps, each with thier own high impedance Ohm meters so they output a treble response. In this case, cables and length are a none issue.