Long run balanced interconnects

I am looking at a situation that may require that I do a long run (25 feet) of balanced cable.  Should I expect there to be a degradation on sound quality if the long run was between the phono amp and the preamp versus the preamp and the speakers?  Any other advice regarding long runs of balanced cables?
What is the preamp?  Also, it may be helpful for us to know the make and model of the power amp.

-- Al

I've used long balanced interconnects on a number of systems over the 40 years and have always been much happier with this than long speakers cables. I've found that balanced connections are somewhat less influenced by cable characteristics than single ended connections (in other words, it's easier to hear the different between cables with single ended connections).

So, assuming that the cables you are using are fairly good quality and not too high in capacitance, your source impedance is fairly low, and the balanced inputs of the component you are driving is truly balanced (rejects common mode noise), you should be fine with 25ft cables. 

I'm currently running balanced connections that are about 22ft between my Parasound JC-2 preamp and JC-5 power amp and it sounds great.