Long run balanced interconnects

I am looking at a situation that may require that I do a long run (25 feet) of balanced cable.  Should I expect there to be a degradation on sound quality if the long run was between the phono amp and the preamp versus the preamp and the speakers?  Any other advice regarding long runs of balanced cables?
Pre to Power for sure. Like others have said, quality cables help. IF you need to get it up and running a high quality set of Magami will get you started. I use a REF 5se to drive 8m of Audioquest Wild Blue Yonder with very short 1 m speaker wires. Sounds great ;-)
have fun and enjoy the music
Best just try and hear what you think. Agree go from preamp to amp. This length and much longer is done all the time in studios and live events. I like Canare. Here’s a link but you’ll need to buy two as it’s for a single on the link. For $70 it’s cheap to try it out. Canare is a very nice cable and you might be more than happy with it. Canare also comes in a variety of colors. Takes a bit of time to break in so give it time and you will be glad you did. It’s maybe a touch on the warm side but a very neutral with no edge or harshness whatsoever. Doesn’t draw attention to itself.

While in the majority of systems I would agree with my learned Audiogon colleagues and friends who have suggested placing the long cable between preamp and power amp, in this case I’m going to disagree. Of course, as was suggested what would be ideal is to try it both ways, but if that is not practical here are reasons I suspect placing it between the phono stage and preamp is more likely than not to be the better choice, if it makes any difference at all (which it might not in this case):

1) The XP17 has a considerably lower output impedance (spec’d as 220 ohms balanced) than the Ref6 (measured by Stereophile as 612 ohms balanced at mid and high frequencies and 1378 ohms at 20 Hz). That will reduce sensitivity to some cable effects. Although the Ref6’s output impedance is still low enough to probably not be an issue with most 25 foot cables having reasonable capacitance.

2) Given the high sensitivity of your speakers, you are most likely using volume control settings which result in lower signal voltages at the output of the preamp than the phono stage is providing to the input of the preamp.

3) I suspect that neither component is particularly susceptible to ground loop issues (which can be sensitive to cable length). ARC designs for which I’ve seen schematics have a 10 ohm resistor between chassis ground and signal/circuit ground, which will help in that respect, and I would assume that Nelson Pass does something in the XP17 design which is at least as effective and perhaps more so.

Finally, I second the recommendations of either Canare or Mogami Gold Studio, which are widely used in studios and don’t cost a great deal. And keep in mind, as Jaytor pointed out, that as a general rule of thumb balanced interfaces tend to have less sensitivity to cable differences than unbalanced interfaces.

Good luck. Regards,
-- Al

While not familiar with all your Components, the Audio Research Ref.6 is a serious bit of kit, the others while I havn't heard, have good rep's. IMO they are deserving of better XLR's than Canare. I was using Canare which does a reasonable job for a budget Cable. I upgraded to MS Audio Silver Litz, ok more expensive (not super expensive). The difference is staggering. Massive increase in Soundstage, Dimensionality, Resolution, Micro, Macro Dynamics, everything. Cullen Cable while not quite as good as MS Audio (a bit warmer) are pretty good for the $$$. I run 4 Mtr. from Pre's to Power amps or Active Speakers.