Long run XLR cables

Are there significant improvements to be gained by using home audio specific cables versus high quality pro audio cables such as Mogami or Monster. I don’t like frittering money away unnecessarily but I recently switched my main cables from Mogami gold to SVS soundpath when I need new subwoofer cables and I noticed a slight veil over the sound when I switched. Any thought and insights would be appreciated.


The Belden BAV are a really good mid level cable. Iconoclast are the best but not as flexible as the BAV.

The Iconoclast XLR are excellent. I have a 21 FT run going from my Clearaudio Master table and Sim Audio 810 phono preamp to my AR Ref 10 and love them! Believe I paid $3100 for the pair. This is their best interconnect. Stunning quality and great service. Just spoke to them at Axpona.

Mogami and Canare are the pro industry standards, with Whirlwind using Accusonic cable. 

I'm using Canare L-4E6S cable wherever I can.  System is dead quiet, no hum, no rizz, no noise of any kind.  Benchmark DAC3, Mini-DSP SHD and Benchmark AHjB2 amp.

Notes from John Siau.

The Importance of Star-Quad Microphone Cable

Truly transformer balanced ins and outs are what you really need for long balanced cables to do their thing...like in studio and PA stuff where you might go hundreds of feet, and I've also noticed over the years that better quality balanced cables do make a difference.