Long Spk. cable vs. long interconnect

Which is better, monoblocks near your speakers with short run cables and long run interconnect cables or just the opposite, regular 2 channel amp with longer speaker cable runs and shorter interconnect cables? Please let me know which way to go. Thank you for your response. Rick
I just read an article today that said it is better to have longer interconnect then it is the have longer speaker cable. http://www.audioweb.com/Category/Cable/default.asp hope it helps.
I have been using long interconnects and short speaker wire for years. It is the way to go sonically. Having monoblocks also improves the sound considerably. My latest amps are monoblocks and the imaging is much better than any stereo amp I have owned.
The two responses above are correct, based on my experience. I have used mono blocks with short speaker runs for over 15 years. It makes sense to push small level signals from a preamp over long runs than the larger power levels from amps. I am currently running single ended cables over 40 feet, and there is no loss! That is not possible from power amp to speakers at that length. Also, there is something to be said by having the "front end" of the system a good distance from the speakers, thereby providing more mechanical and electrical isolation from sensitive components.