Long XLR Interconnect Cables

Currently I am using Mogami XLR 8m cables and thinking of upgrading to Acoustic Zen Absolute Silver XLR cable. Not trying to open a can of worms here, do you think it would be worth it?
I recently went from short balanced interconnects between preamp and amp and long speaker wires to long (23 feet, 7 meter) balanced interconnects and short speaker wires and I like what I hear. I’m using Mogami 2549 which is VERY inexpensive, and VERY low capacitance. I terminated myself using high quality XLR connectors (rhodium over copper + teflon). Both SS amp and preamp are fully balanced; preamp has output impedance of 110 ohms..

I read here about kilobuck interconnects that are completely out of my price range. I would consider using a better (more expensive) BULK cable. There are lots of them ranging in price from under $1 a foot to about $10 a foot.

Would anyone else using a long balanced cable share your experience? Please note the length that you use. Thanks.

Long (balanced) cables from source to amp with short speaker wires is the way to go, especailly if you can put sources in another room. Less vibration.