Longest continuous playing songs

I like (and looking for) continuous playing music, it could be one song or a group of songs that play uninterrupted, the longer, the better. Does anybody have any suggestions?

Thanks for any suggestions,

Let me get this right because it's still confusing the way you're describing your wants. Are you talking about about albums with no/minimal silence between songs?
Yes, some albums, play continuously without interuption between songs(lasting 15+ minutes), while the table of contents lists 3-6 song titles, other albums just have one song title and lasts 20+ minutes. its not neccessary the song length...

I like it when the music never stops :-)

the Playin' in the Band from 5-21-74 @ Edmundson Pavilion , University of Washington, Seattle, WA is a whopping 46:27 of Psilocybin soaked protogalactic sound..
For great instrumental, contemporary rock try "The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place" by Explosions in the Sky.