Looking at a new non-SACD player, but still own lots of SACDs

I am looking at upgrading my current CD player, my budget is $3K ish, certainly below $5K.  The two units I am looking at in the $3K range,  Moon Simaudio 260 and Rega Saturn R, do not play SACDs. Rather than give up my SACD collection, I wonder if anyone has any experience with a work around. 

The one thought that occurs to me is to find a modest priced SACD player (used) with a digital/optical out as a transport only and run it into the DAC of the new unit.  Will this work or is the SACD circuity in the DAC and not the transport/laser?

Are any other options?

Or should I be looking at a different new CD player that plays SACDs? 
One important point I forgot to mention. Read and re-read threads on A’gon in which Modwright was discussed. Everything is positive and consistent! Many of the same adjectives are used to characterize the "sound" of the Modwright Signature Truth mods. Many threads discussed earlier experiences with having Oppo players modified. You are relatively new to posting here but I think you’ll find the folks here are really into the audiophile scene and genuinely want to help others to improve their systems by sharing their experiences. I put my faith in that and was richly rewarded.
Wait until the OPPO UDP205 comes out. 
The problem with used CD/SACD player is the transport subsystem has a limited life. Do you want that? Therefore consider buying a new one.
With my 105, the OPPO will play SACDs in native mode. You can convert to PCM if you wish - it gives you the option.
OPPO is the Swiss army knife of disks and DACs. I connect a USB device to the OPPO with high rez DSD downloads. 
I am a dealer, don't sell them but tell my clients to get them. The only devices better sonically is the top of the line Ayre and Accuphase. Way above your budget.
"The only devices better sonically is the top of the line Ayre and Accuphase."

An irresponsible statement, especially from a dealer.

I would highly recommend the Ayre C-5xeMP multi disc player. Read the reviews. You can find them here occasionally at your price point.