Looking at best option for 20-25k for DAC Streamer combo

I currently have Lumin x1 and looking to upgrade.  I’m thinking in the 20-25K range.   I don’t need a preamp since I have the CH Precision L1.  I’m considering DCS Bartok, Aurender A30, Esoteric N-01XD, Luxman D10X (SACD player with super DAC.  I like the idea of an all in one, but open minded.  I’d like to hear you thoughts and recommendations.


I vote for the DCS Bartok.  At least in my system (D’Agostino integrated amp and Sabrina X speakers, the Bartok was more revealing and had a better soundstage than the usual suspects in this price point.


the optional headphone amp is good but doesn’t hold up to some of the freestanding options that are also available. IMHO

@kairosman I found the MSB DAC to be more natural sounding, had better separation between instruments and vocals as well as less fatiguing than the Lumin X1.  Only by a small margin, but enough for me to make a change.

Oh yes. I agree, also listen to the Linn Klimax DS Katalyst ($27K). It is a streamer / DAC and sounds amazing. I guess Linn really put a lot into R&D over the last decade. Their digital stuff sounds great.