Looking for 200 watt Amp to drive Dynaudio Heritage speakers

Hi Everyone - 


A few years ago, during Covid and after having worked for so many years without really treating myself to a sound system, I took the plunge and started purchasing audio equipment. Unfortunately, I was a terribly uninformed audio buyer and dove in with some purchases that were not terribly well considered. Oh well. 

So here we are today... I have a pair of Dynaudio Heritage Special speakers that I was considering selling.

The Dynaudio Heritage Special speakers require power to open up. Driven at 100 watts, they sound a little anemic and the treble dominates at lower levels. So they ended up in the closet for the last year with plans to sell them. In retrospect, the dealer I purchased them suggested a lower wattage amp than was advisable. 

For my primary system, I'm now running QLN Prestige Three speakers with a Conrad Johnson Classic 120 EL34 amp, LTA Microzotl preamp, Merason DAC1 and Innuos Zenith. The sound of this system is wonderful - ethereal, nuanced, great soundstage and imaging. Very relaxing combo. 

I'm thinking of cycling the Dynaudio into circulation for a few months a year to change things up. I'm looking for a 200 Watt Solid State Amp. But here's the thing, I'm getting older and lugging heavy things around - especially when stairs are part of the equation - is terribly unappealing. 50-55 pounds is pretty much my limit right now.  

I had some Pass Labs amps in for home demos and the thing was a back breaker. I think it was 80 pounds or so. My days of pseudo body building are over... so lugging that thing up and down stairs is something I NEVER want to do again. 


Can anyone suggest a reasonably priced solid state 200 watt SS amp - no more than 50-55 pounds - that I can use to enjoy these Dynaudio Heritage Speakers? Class AB or Class D, obviously. For weight considerations, I'm really open to a Class D amp, assuming it sounds good. 

Budget is $5K or under - new or used. 

In terms of what I'm looking for - and given my weight requirements - I'd say the primary thing I'm looking to avoid is overt brightness. Otherwise, I'm pretty open to what suggestions the forum might have. Thanks in advance! 


The Parasound A23+ checks all your boxes. 240w@4 ohms. Class A/AB. Two can be used as dual mono. 35 pounds. 

If you can stretch your budget, these monoblocks may provide a nice sound quality at a very easy to carry weight.  They come with Pelican-type cases so they are easy and safe to transport.

For much less money at 250 wpc/8 ohms, look at these, also easy to carry.

Here is another well-regarded 250 wpc/8 ohm integrated amplifier with an onboard 24-bit/192-kHz DAC using Burr-Brown PCM1794 converters.  This one weighs 22 pounds.

Bryston 3B (200w) or 4B (400w) of what ever generation falls into your price bracket.  Probably a 4Bsst is all you will ever need for power and will last forever.  

@njkrebs ,

if I was to give up the awesome room correction of my Lyngdorf and go tubes I would likely buy an Octave. Heard them 2 different times and they were super good. Best of both worlds kinda like. Year or so ago I was knockin on that door.