Looking for 50-100 watts of Tube Power (give or take) for my JBL 4349s

I’ve been looking at new and used 50-100 wpc power amps in the $5000 range to drive my JBL 4349s. I don’t have any experience in this price or power bracket when it comes to tubes, and could use some reccomendations.

Here are the amps I’ve been researching (the usual suspects I assume):

Rogue Stereo 100

Cary CAD-120s Mk2

Audio Research Reference 150SE

Audio Research VT80SE

Carver Crimson 275

Various vintage Corad Johnson amps

I’d love to hear why people would choose one of the amps from this list, or what else I should consider that isn’t on the list. I don’t have a preamp yet but will probably try a Benchmark la4 first.

For context, my main amp right now is a Torii Jr, but I also use the 4349s with a Muzishare X7 and a Denon PMA-1700NE. I love the Torii Jr and will continue to use it, but would occasionally like more power. The Muzishare is fine, but I want something of better quality.

My musical tastes are all over the place: rock, pop, jazz, world, electronic, classical. I listen to a lot of symphonic/orchestral music and would like more power to handle the dynamics, but prefer the soundstaging of tubes.

Thanks in advance for the recommendations!




@atmasphere, thanks, I will take a look closer at Class D options. I heard your monoblocks at Axpona last year and thought they sounded great.

@rischa As a US distributor of solid state amps, we have a CANOR "Virtus I2" KT88 Class-A demo available that may interest you.

40w/ch Ultralinear

20w/ch Triode

Shipped direct from Canor July,2023 and we’ll include NOS tube upgrades

More info here: https://www.tmhaudio.com/DEMOS.html

New UK "HiFiNews" review w/stock Russian EH tubes: 



@pdreher, I’m a bit intimidated by the VAC gear for the reasons you mention. The QS KT Monos are very tempting. I actually quite like the aesthetics -- they look all business. And it’s surprising how affordable they are. There’s a pair on US Audio Mart for $2800, which seems like a steal for so much amp.

A friend of mine runs a pair of Altec Lancings with McIntosh MC60 monoblocks. I really enjoy this system. Lots of used MC275s in my price range, too. I will give this some thought.

@pdreher, I've pretty much taken the AR 150SE out of the running. It's way more amp than I need and would be expensive to retube. I am strongly considering the VT80SE, and from what I've read they're designed to be used with any ol' preamp. This makes sense considering it's AR's entry-level amp at $9,500 new, while their entry-level pre is $10,000. 

I will say the transformers on the VT80SE seem small. Compared to the Quicksilver monos especially.

I suggest you review Quicksilver and BAT amplifiers. I found them both to be superb.

Good luck with your selection!