Looking For 90% of the performane of the super expensive cables for much less money

I currently have a system which consists of Vandersteen 5A's, THor Audio TP-150 tubed monoblocks, Thor Line Stage and Thor phono stage, Marantz SACD player SA-114 and will take delivery of the VPI Prime Scout with a Sumiko EVOS 3 Cartridge. I am currently using LAT International Speaker Cables, Power Cords and Interconnects. (They are no longer in business). I am in immediate  need of turntable cables and would like to update my new speaker cables and interconnects. Not willing to spend thousands on this upgrade. Seeking to capture as much of the "magic" that the super expensive cables deliver but at a more realistic price point. I understand that I have really good quality equipment, but at this stage of my life cannot allocate mega dollars towards cables.
 Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Back to the OP. You should do some searching on the Duelund stranded copper wire in cotton. The 16 gauge makes wonderful ICs and speaker cables. It costs $10 a meter at Parts Connextion. Many Aphiles here and folks like Jim Smith and Jeff Day have also found this wire to be a real gem.


No need to terminate for speaker cables as you can just use the bare wire.

You can use $9 Cardas RCA connectors from Sonic Craft for an outstanding pair of ICs. If you don’t have the DIY skills and also want your speaker cables terminated I can certainly help you with that.

The 12 gauge Duelund wire is also great for speaker cables if you need longer runs and use a higher powered SS amp.
its a perfectly appropriate question, but I just had to giggle a little ,

b/c audio cords have the highest profit margin of audio equipment. So the OP wants 90% of the performance at a much lower cost. I would actually suggest to consider making your own cables then. Get with someone at a DIY shop who sells this products,: wire, terminations, etc and ask them what they would buy and how to build the cable. They will want to help you b/c you are buying their accessories. 

If you can solder and follow directions, you should be fine. that is the other myth of cables- like they are difficult to make. they are not ....