Looking for a black brushed mental bookshelf speaker

I am putting together a setup for my bedroom.  It will be a much smaller setup.  I have straightwire cables all wrapped in black (espressivo and black thunder ii), samsung frame 55in tv with black frame, naim uniti atom and furman ref 15i.  I am looking for a pair of speakers which have black brushed casing.  I have considered the magico a1's but they are a bit more than I'd like to spend, I'd found them for 5k.  I had been looking at the krell lat-2 but unfortunately they sold for more than I wanted to spend, 3k.  Does anyone know of any really good bookshelf speakers which have black brushed metal casing like the krell and magico for under 3k on the used market?  Thanks.
A/D/S 200's available now on eBay for "Buy it now" price of $160 + $30 shipping. An excellent small metal cabinet speaker that easily sounds as good as the more costly others listed above! Black finish, too!
I might check out the Gallo Strata II’s. They like being close to walls. Set properly they will image like nobody’s business. The CDT tweeter is one of my favorites. They are spec’d to 65 hz, but I think that’s generous. Would pair very nicely with a Rel t5i or t7i sub. Even with a good sub you’d be around $3k. 
Buy the bookshelf speaker of your choosing, then apply your desired aesthetic finish to them.
Heard Magico's raising the price of the A1's $1200 more to $8600 at the end of the month just an FYI. There an excellent speaker.