Looking for a CDP from a company that'll be around

Strange post, no? Here's the deal: I am looking to replace my much loved Musical Fidelity CD-308 with a newer/ pre-owned CDP in the +- $2k range from a company that, according to your guesstimate, would be around in say, 5-6 years from now. Easily serviceable, should the need arise...excellent reliability record. I do use my equipment on average of 6-7 hours a day. Very heavy usage, as you can tell. No motivation or time to tinker around with repairs or maintenance issues. The last thing I'd want is to buy something and then to be left hanging dry, just as it happenned with the MF products. No chinese equipment or flavors of the month, please!
Associated equipment: CJ CA-200 control amp, Proac D-25, VD cables throughout
Best regards, and thanks for your advise!
I think the Marantz SA-1, SA-14, and SA-11 are all quite good. Denon also has some great players, especially modded, for not huge money. Esoteric is also good bang for buck used. I still get excellent music out of my stock Sony SCD-777ES, which also gets me SACD. There are a whole raft of mods available for this one too. Out of those mfrs, the only one I would absolutely count on remaining in existing format in 6 years' time would be Sony. Denon and Marantz are D&M Holdings, just taken over by a private equity deal (where the debt matures in less than 6 years) and Esoteric is a brand of TEAC, where the listed company is somewhat heavily indebted. That said, in any bankruptcy reorg, those brands and at least some of their engineers are likely to be around in a new life for the brand - just the equity owners will lose out.

The good thing about widely modded players is that there is a large community of people who could probably fix it in a jam.

That said, if I were in your shoes, I'd go the music server + DAC route. My bet is that Logitech will be around for a while, and DACs don't have moving parts to wear out. And if you want to upgrade later, that should be easy too.
I just had my Teac reel to reel refurbished by Teac Service in Torrance CA. Great company to deal with.

If it was my money, I would put it on Esoteric in a second.

I hope to hear a SA60 and X05 at some point.

Have fun!
It's not just about long term viability of the company. It's also about who has a track record of orphaning older product. In that light most companies have issues. For example:

Wadia - try getting service on older gear, particularly transports.
Sony - transport parts for the SCD-1/ SCD-777 are becoming scarce
Krell - transport problems turned at least one of their SACD players (can't recall the model) into a boat anchor.
Esoteric - parts for older transport mechanisms (P2 and P2S in particular) no longer available.
Mobile Fidelity - see earlier posts

Economics will pressure even the larger companies to drop support for older gear as quickly as possible. As audiophiles are a niche market I believe we'll suffer most.

There is some good news. I have an older Pioneer PD-S95 transport that is still serviceable. Pioneer seems to support its older models. Any others?

On a whole electronics are supported much longer than mechanical items such as transport mechanisms. One could make an argument that the PC/MAC based music server with a good DAC might be the best bet over the long haul. It's easy to upgrade computers over time, and CDROM drives are easily replaced.

Interesting topic.
One of the good things about the older MF lines [I have some] is that they are in substantial cases and can be upgraded. If I liked it I would consider having that done and then you could send it back to the modifier for service if necessary. I don't know about the laser but I am currently using 3 transports from the early 90s and have never had problems. I am going to have my TriVista modified someday and possibly my M3 also.
Remeber most transports in cd players are PHILIPS or SONY to begin with. It is the laser on older models that are getting hard to find.

The economic downturn has greatly effected the high end audio market. For instance there are things going on with most of the companies mentioned in this thread. I am not
saying they are going out of business, but the "holdings"
companies will merge and reduce brands.

Look at at how many dealer ads you now see right here on Audiogon.......WITH GREAT PRICING! You did not see that here even a year ago.

How many new $5000 + cd players do you think are being sold right now? That is why you are seeing the great deals right here. I am sure eveyone can talk about a local dealer
who is doing well, but for the most part if you can afford
it.......NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY. SUPPLY UP........