looking for a cheap audio wifi transmitter

Looking for a budget audio Wifi transmitter to output an audio signal (either dig or analog) that could be picked up by a streamer or receiver and played into a stereo.

The back story is this:

2 restaurant/bar spaces next door to each other...- share a wifi signal 

DJ will be in one space ...Would love to stream the DJ in the other space

Thinking there must be some device that can be connected to the DJ mixer output which would allow us to "stream" the audio to the other stereo system next door.


I could do it with cables, but it would be a long run .


I don’t know how far the mixer will be from the receiver, the quality of sound that would be acceptable, the features you’re after or what "budget" means to you. You’ll need a transmitter and a receiver similar to these. As with any audio gear, usually the better the specs and audio quality the larger the price tag. The units in the links below should suffice and are affordable enough for your purpose and application. I hope this gives you a general direction...


Klark Teknik DW 20T Wireless Audio Transmitter | Sweetwater

Klark Teknik DW 20R Wireless Audio Receiver | Sweetwater

Great suggestions 

thank you 

this is for a NYE event hosted by two venues , next door to each other … building are connected and owned by same owner .

We intend to have a DJ in one and hopefully stream to the other with reasonable fidelity .

FYI the stereo in one is a Mac 4200 receiver with 4 Klipsch Heresey speakers 

the other restaurant has a more pedestrian but fine system of a crown amp and Behringer passive speakers