Looking for a crystal clear / dynamic tube preamp

Dear fellow addicts:
I am on a search for a very crystal clear, ultra dynamic sounding tubed preamp in the $2k price range. Also, ideas on NOS tubes which would be most appropriate with the preamp are very welcome.
I do need a remote control, since I simply no longer find the strength to get off my butt, and crawl to my audio rack to adjust the volume each time I feel the need.
I reiterate the need for a crystal-clear presentation (as well as strong dynamics, and bass). A silver faceplate option is a huge plus.
My system is as follows... Von Schweikert VR5 speakers with the magnesium code woofers option($10K?), Pass Labs X250 power amp ($6K), Arcam CD33t CD player ($2.5k), cables by Verbatim (hand made by a genius by the name of Paul Garner, of Von Schweikert Audio.... ps. Thanks, Paul!)
I would be willing to stretch the budget, within reason for something truly, special....
Best regards.

The Herron VTSP1A does not have remote control. The new Herron VTSP2 does. The 2 just got a rave review from HP 2 issues ago in TAS. I've never heard it but I'm sure it's as good or better than the VTSP1.
Spaced out the remote control request, I was going to make another recommendation and then thought, hey, you can buy a used Atma-Sphere for that money. The MP-3 would have been a great option.
I think we would all agree. A world beater tube preamp with remote for about $2000. Wouldn't that be nice.
I good friend of mine had the ARC LS-25 MKII (granted with stock tubes). He claims it was “over-priced”. I never heard it. Too bad, I really like the ergonomics of the unit. Was your experience different? Meaning, the price tag was not out of line compared to the performance offered?
I have been told that the tubes used in the Magnum 99 were 6SN7 tubes, and those tubes were quite micro-phonic. Were those people wrong in their assessment?