Looking for a DAC w/ balanced XLR line out, budget $1k

As per the title. Looking for something I can wall mount behind my rack out of sight (I've got no space for a giant integrated amp sized DAC). 24-bit is fine, as long as it's compatible with both base 44.1k and 48k sampling rates. 
Actually there is one I can think of very close to 1k used.
Auralic Altair.

Not heard one but checks all the right boxes and seen a few of late around the $1100 to $1200 price right here and eBay.
Streamer, pretty decent dac the AKM4490, Balanced out, it also has Dirac room correction if that's something you're interested in but not sure you could hang this on a wall. It runs $1200
TEAC NT-505 if you add another $500. It is awesome, differential drives for each channel. Eats PCM up to 786KHz and 22.5Mhz DSD streams for breakfast. Spotify 384kHz streams also sound awesome.

I grossly underutilize it at my computer home office system.