Looking for a DAC

Looking for a DAC that sounds at least as good as my Cary 306-200 CD player. I tried a Schiit Gungnir the sound stage wasn't close. It also wasn't as extended in the frequency ranges, at least in my system. Schiit said to give it 100 hrs, I gave it 250. My system consists of, Simaudio Moon P-5 Simaudio Moon W-5 into Revel Salon Speakers.
Thank you ahead of time for responding to my forum.
Since you like the Cary, they have 2 new DACS getting ready to hit the market in the next couple of weeks. 100 (solid state) and 100t (tube) models.

I would imagine these would be great for you (although not sure of your budget).

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Your CDP used Burr Brown and the Pacific Microsonics chip. You might want to compare higher end products like the Berkeley Alpha 2, the Weiss DAC202, the AMR DP-777
Try the Micromega MyDAC. I've been very impressed with mine for nearly a year.
You don't mention what you're looking to improve upon or your price range, but some DACs worth looking into:

Calyx Femto
Empirical Audio Overdrive
Bel Canto DAC3.5VB
Berkeley Alpha 2

The only one I've had in my system is the Bel Canto and it is fantastic. Woulda bought it if I had the funds. Very transparent with nice 3D soundstage, very natural tonality, and no edginess or digititis. My guess is the Berkeley is just a touch warmer, but that's just going on what I've read from reviews so take it fwiw.

Best of luck, and please let us know what you find.
Hi Foster

The bass weight of the Chord is a standout - one of the best, if not the best, I have ever heard - and believe me I have heard a lot.

My experience with the Benchmark is with he DAC-1 not the newer one. But all I am asking you to do is listen to it - you may like it even if the newer one sounds similar to the DAC-1 - some do.

Where you get the Chord obviously depends on where you live. I am in Australia and certainly if you live here I can tell you but I think its unlikely you do so you will probably have to a bit of an internet search. I also know some who are getting it from the UK where minus the 20% VAT they pay it works out cheaper than the $1700.00 we pay in Australia at about $1400.00 or so - that may be the cheapest way for you to get it. While I believe it is really an up-there DAC on par weith the $6-8k DAC's I also own it would be wise to hear it first if you order it from the UK.