Looking for a front end streamer only.

I am looking for a front end streamer that I can get the cleanest sound out such as the Auralic Aries 2.1 or Dcs Network Bridge etc.I mostly would stream Tidal and Qobuz but would like Roon end point too. I have a Anthem STR integrated amp and Focal Aria 936 floor standing speakers. Mostly been doing Vinyl and Cd's. Looking to join the streaming world. Will buy a better Dac later. Don't want to spend more than about  6k. I would like to use my ipad for controlling everything. I have a dedicated ethernet connection or can do wifi.

ghjuvanni59, I did performed actual comparison test between Node 2i and Lumin D2 as well Teac NT-505.... and I have to tell you that difference in SQ between Node 2i and those two streamers is huge, not in favor of Node....FLAC signal could be the same but balanced design, better power supply and higher quality audio components make the difference. High end streamers like Naim ND-555 or Lumin X1 will makes cosmic difference.

+1 @surfmuz

As I noted above -  I own three streamers in different systems and have had the opportunity to compare them going into the same DAC using the same cabling.  The difference is quite significant. The better units offer more resolution which is nice, but the real difference is that they offer far more spatial information.  The Node 2 (as a streamer only - not using the internal DAC) sounds “flat” dimensionally in comparison.  The Node 2 Is a killer unit for what it offers for $500, but It’s no match for better units.  BTW - same goes for optimized Mac Minis, etc.  Been there.  

@mgrif104 THANK YOU. The notion that a server doesn't make a difference is a sad misconception. We can take customers through seven or eight different streaming options here in our shop and the differences are remarkable. 

+1 vote for DCS Network Bridge. I had Auralic Aries G2 before and DCS SQ is much better!

Wanting higher resolution that the Node 2i supports I recently added the SoTM SM-200 Neo to my system. Sounds excellent, supports very high res,  and has great features.  
Only nit is that if I want to switch from streaming Roon to say streaming from iTunes as I explore music I the Apple Music store I need to stop Roon endpoint and start the airplay listener. Then reverse that when done.