looking for a good alround blue ray player..........

have been thinking about the oppo 103 I think it was, but just brought a new 4k tv...... heard about the new sony which is in my price range but it doesn't do the 4k yet.   any suggestion would be helpful, no extravagant priced systems please, I cant afford them.  want something that can play all the cd formats, though    thank you in advance.   
Sony’s universal 4K player will be out in the next couple of months. Should be around $400. I’ve been using the upscaling Sony UHP-H1 and the video is outstanding; the audio is very good too. I’m sure the 4K player will be fantastic as well.



that soon, I thought it would be longer than that, will keep a look out for it.  that's more affordable than the oppo....heard any reviews on the present one..........

what is the oppo 203, never heard of it, tell me more about it. and your experiences with it if possible.
just announced - have not heard it

a 205 unit should follow

Google it periodically to see if there are any reviews (assuming you put credence in reviews)