Looking for a good speaker for my metal shop.

Hey all, first of all thank you all for all of the good reading and insight on this forum.  I am new to the sport and have appreciated being able to research topics I'm unfamiliar with.  

I am looking for a good speaker for my loud and toxic metal shop.  It is a hard environment- flying sparks and very fine magnetic dust in the air.  It's not a typical "listening room", but I spend the majority of most days in there and want it to sound reasonable.  I have recently purchased a Peachtree Nova 300 for my main room in the house, with KEF LS50's and a Sun Fire Super JR sub.  That freed up a Parasound P5/A21 combo for the shop.  Ultimately, the Nova would be perfect for the shop as volumes remain somewhat elevated in there usually, but that is for later...  I keep the hifi  inside in my office and run about 30' of in-wall rated 12g Knu-Conceptz KL3 wire through the attic and have that terminated to banana plugs in the shop.  The shop is a 23' X 20' standard two car garage with 7'10" ceilings or so.  The speakers are blue-tac'd to some wall mount shelves that are on the 23' wall.  Front firing ports or sealed cabinets are the wise choice here.  It is all run via Sonos Connect and I have control over my phone.  Pretty great set up really.  Oddly enough, the situation makes for a huge 16' isosceles triangle with where I stand most of the day at the workbench.

Particulars:  speakers are at or about my standing ear height, mounted close to the wall (call it within 12"), and are about 16' apart due to flanking the garage door.  I have done well with Paradigm speakers in the past but none have been any that are particularly special in their line.  IF cost were no object, I'd probably roll some JBL L100 Classics as they are pretty full range- subs are not really an option in the shop due to limited floor space.  I'm sure I could find some space for a sub, but wiring and proximity to the speakers are not remotely optimal.  Klipsch Heresy would also be a top pic, though the thought of subjecting them to that environment is not the most responsible course of action.  They would NEED to have good covers as they will have molten sparks flying at them and the grill material generally thwarts anything fusing to the cone materials...  I would be worried about any dual-concentric style speakers as particulates may be able to get into the nooks and crannies in the speakers and affect performance, though I do like that format.  I have considered in-ceiling speaker for this, but I enjoy a more traditional two channel set up. Would need to be able to tolerate good volume for hours on end.  Large bookshelf style, or short/fat towers would seem to be best.  Need some bass kick for sure.  Budget is limited as, in my experience, this environment just kills gear over time.  Would consider anything less than $1000, new or used.

Thanks for your advice.  
You’re in luck, Synergistic Research just came out with a new set of HFT, the HFT Lathe Kit. Oh wait, their double-blind testing was on a wood lathe. You have metal. Nevermind.
The obvious answer to your question is the Shure SE-535 IEC with iPod. A full 20 dB isolation from the noisy crap shop acoustics and guaranteed to sound beautiful wherever you go in the shop.
treblebob, I use an old pair of Mirage tower speakers in my shop. As long as you keep the grill cloths on they will be fine. Do not bother with any fancy veneers. Just a good utilitarian speaker that can go reasonably loud. Old Advents would be perfect. 
flatbackground- ha!  though I try to be delicate, sometimes it is heavy metal...
Millercarbon / imhifiman- Yeah, I have some Shure 215's I use on occasion.  It is a good option but I can't run it all the time.  Been meaning to upgrade to the 535's for a while now.  Haven't ventured into bluetooth territory as of yet.  That is worthy of exploration.  It may be that is the cheapest and most cost effective way to go.  Just don't like having earbuds in all day sometimes...  Sure makes it easy to deal with the phone tho.  

I'll keep an eye out for the ADS.  

Thanks for all the suggestions.