Looking for a good Stevie Wonder CD

I remember playing Stevie Wonder albums on vinyl (and even cassette) a long time ago and thinking that that's why stereo systems exist-- to reproduce something like that. As such, I have been looking for a reference caliber Stevie Wonder CD, but from what I've read in the Amazon reviews, most of the re-releases of his CDs don't sound that great. The one CD that I do have, "The Definitive Collection," doesn't sound that great. I read that the Mobile Fidelity release of Innervisions was good, but I would have to buy that used (since it's out of production) and the prices are fairly steep.

I'm hoping that someone out there who is familiar with his recordings could recommend a CD or two?

the re-issue of innervisions on cd sounds great....not just the mofi version.
Stevie the Wonder man!! Been listening to Stevie my whole life. What's striking to me is the realization that if he were a new artist starting out today, he probably wouldn't get very far. I think the same could be said for so many of the greats. For instance, Ella or Aretha probably couldn't get past the auditions at American Idol! Such is the state of the taste of the american public these days! But I digress....While SW's classic output is stunning, his latest work is outstanding also. His last record, 'A Time 2 Love', if released back in the day, would've been considered a classic, but today, it barely raised a blip on the radar. Great tunes, beautifully recorded, my guess is you could find it at a discount in any used CD shop. "Sigh"....such is the mindset of the American music-buying public in 2009!
the '24 bit remastered' CD of fulfillingness' first finale is actually an improvement over the LP (which has a bizarre, intense muting of the high frequencies).
saw stevie at the rubber bowl with the stones...one of the great shows for sure.