Looking for a great el34 based amp

I'm Looking for a great el34 based amp. Easy to bias a plus.

Anyone recommend a really great unit?

I notice Quicksilver mid monos,But I have no Idea what they're like.

I don't want a tube amp that sound like really good solid state.

I want the real life liquid sound of tubes. Ive never heard really good vintage tubes,but thats most likely what Im looking for. I like older sounding solid state amps,like the Accuphase P-300

I dont like bright amps, I like darker sounding amps with good detail.

I wonder if there are any current makers that copied the old classic designs, like the Marantz stuff thats so popular?

just some rambling thoughts....
The AES AE-25 Superamp, made by Cary, is a great sounding, versatile amp that can use EL34, KT88 and 6L6 tubes and is auto-biasing. It puts out 25 watts in ultralinear mode and 15 in triode. I own it and have also owned the Rogue Cronus. If you need the extra power of the Rogue it's a fine amp and it's easy to bias but I prefer the AE-25.
A used Music Reference RM9 - I think one of the best EL34 based amps ever made - but not "euphonic" - for that I would try an older Conrad Johnson like an MV50.