Looking for a great phono pre-amp in the $1000 or less range

I’ve a vintage Kenwood KD-500 DD turntable (concrete base), and grace tonearm.  Currently running a grado gold MM cartridge running through the built-in phono preamp section of my NAD C658 preamp, into an Anthem MCA 225 mk 2 amp and Martin Logan Classic 9 electrostatic speakers.  Streaming Tidal can give me some stunning results but my music through the turntable is far less compelling.  Hence the desire to try upgrading my phono preamp section (and eventually move to a MC).  After substantial digging I’ve got a few higher level candidates, there are obviously many out there. 
the two front runners I’m considering are:

the Back Ice Audio F9 mk and the gold note PH5.  The black ice is intriguing but not nearly as well known or reviewed as the gold note. 
others I’ve considered:

sutherland KC Vibe mk2

moon audio 110 LP V2

parasound zphono XRM

feedback from the community appreciated!


So I got really lucky and found a Black Ice Audio Fusion F159 hybrid tube preamp on US Audiomart ($1,875 retail), within my budget.   It’ll be delivered tomorrow but it’s a  Christmas gift (from the wife to me), so I’ll not get to try her out until after Christmas!  Reviews for this are very positive.  I’ll follow up with my listening impression!. 

The Sota Pyxi replaced a highly regarded tube based phono stage that I’d had for 12 years. My prior stage is very popular and the customer service was great.  I was able to sell it for over $2,500, but prefer the Pyxi by no small margin. I’d swap in my tube stage just to be sure, and it came across as soft and unfocused without the detail, resolution or low noise floor that the Pyxi has. Frequency response issues like brightness, glare or lack of midrange "thereness" simply don’t come up. It sounds like real music. Bass is accurate and tight too. It has MM and MC inputs, load and capacitance are adjustable, and it's only $300. At that price you’re not going to find many dealers who’ll recommend it, there’s just not enough margin in it for them. That may sound cynical, but if I ran a store I’d probably do the same. Cartridges - Myajima Shilabe and Ortofon Cadenza Bronze, so these observations are from listening to the MC input.

Audio by Van Alstine make a very good unit that won't break the bank but will work well with either MM or MC cartridges.

A list I compiled from positive reviews:

Make    Model     Price 
Schiit    Mani     $129 
Parasound    zphono     $150 
Rega    Fono Mini A2D     $175 
Hagerman Audio Labs    Bugle2 - Phono Preamp     $189 
Music Fidelity    V90-LPS     $230 
Cambridge Audio    Alva Duo     $299 
Vincent PHO-8    Vincent PHO-8     $299 
Rega    Fono MM     $395 
Music Fidelity    M1LPS     $399 
Parks Audio    Budgie Tube Phono Preamp     $399 
Pro-Ject Audio    Tube Box S2     $410 
lehmann    lehmann black cube statement     $450 
ifi audio    iPhono 2     $499 
AVA    Vision Q Phono Preamp     $499 
Musical Paradise    MP-P1 MM MC Tube Phono Preamp     $499 
Tritschler     TPAD Model 1000     $599 
lehmann    lehmann black cube      $630 
Musical Surroundings    Phonomena II + phono preamplifier     $750 
Sutherland    KC Vibe     $895 
Jolida    JD9 MK II Phono Preamp     $899 
Magi Phonomenal Tube Phono Stage    Magi Phonomenal Tube Phono Stage     $975 
Channel Islands Audio    PEQ-1 MKII     $995 
Aural Thrills Audio    Serenade     $999 
Elac    Alchemy PPA-2     $1,000 
Clearaudio    Basic Plus     $1,000 
lehmann    lehmann black cube SE II     $1,099 
Trichord Research    Dino Mk3 +      $1,132 
Lejonklou Gaio+ Hagerman Piccolo "head amp"         $1,174 
Heed Audio Quasar    Heed Audio Quasar     $1,200 
Musical Surroundings    NOVA II PHONO PREAMPLIFIER     $1,200