Looking for a great set of Wired Headphones

Currently I'm using my Beats Pro Detox Edition Headphones that I've owned for years now. Not bad at all, but they do leave some to be desired.

I'm looking for a set that is wired, no mic, closed back.

Will be used just for listening to classic rock. Would like a 3.5mm jack. I have a 1/4" adapter for the option of plugging it into my receiver as well.

I tried some Bose before and was impressed with them.

Looking for quality, not something cheap. Budget approx. 600

Any recommendations would be appreciated, thanks.


What is your source going to be? Do you want to make sure that the headphones if I have complementary sensitivity and impedance.

Focal are really good and easy to drive. What headphone amp and source do you have. Like all things audio you need matching components to get the most out of it.


if you are actually just using an iPhone or something like that then look at Ultrasonde they have some amazing headphones that can work of with very low quality / power output.