Looking for a Great Sounding Outdoor Speaker

Believe it or not, my wife has told me that I need to buy new speakers!! A first!

The old rusted ones (KLH) don't go with the new vinyl siding, so I have been assigned to get new, nicer-looking ones (yeah!!).

So, I'm looking for recommendations for a new pair of speakers for the patio. I'm thinking I can spend up to $500 or so (maybe more if I push it). They need to be of reasonable size as they will be attached to the sides of the enclosed porch which borders the patio, about 6 feet up on the wall. I have an outdoor subwoofer out there already, so the speakers do not need to get all the way down to 20Hz, but the lower they can go the better.

White is the preferred color.

Any help is appreciated!
Stanwal and Macrojack,

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Papajoe- THANK YOU! We need more intelligent people like you. Macrojack- you got to be kidding me! "not done anything damaging"? Obama is fricking evil dude! WAKE UP!
Full disclosure: I work in progressive politics

That said, I'm really tired of the politics on this site in *both* directions. I never used an AudiogoN thread as an excuse to attack Bush (I've been a member since he first became president) because I don't think there's a place for it on a thread about outdoor speakers. OUTDOOR. SPEAKERS.

I've seen more and more of this over the course of time, and I really wish we would all leave politics off to the side when discussing issues relevant to audio.

/end rant