Looking for a great XLR Digital cable

I'm currently using a Transparent Reference xlr digital cable. My DVD/CD player is an Ayre D-1x & my processor is the ML no.40. The Transparent isn't a bad cable however when listening to music I don't really like how the vocals sound ( they tend to have a hint of a digital sound to them). Last week I audition a ML 390S & although it sounded better than the Ayre with music it still had that same sound with the vocals. A friend of mine suggested that I try a couple of different cables. Is there a better XLR cablet than the Transparent. My speakers are Revel Salons & my amps are ML 436's... Thanks!
Believe it or not, these too are system dependent and quite often change the character a bit. I've tried the Orchid, AQ Falcon, and Cardas. The Orchid was a little thin for my tastes. Did not seem to get the bass right. The Cardas got the bass right but sounded a little rolled off on top. The Falcon really worked well for me. It's between an ML 37 and 36. Again, different systems will certainly get different results.
I've heard good things about HMS, Acoustic Zen, and Zcable, and if I were looking for a digital cable I'd make sure to audition each of these. Also, and I'm not sure if this is appropriate or not as I'm not overly familiar with your components, but I was wondering if you might be experiencing artifacts from jitter. Unless the ML reclocks the signal you might want to try a jitter reduction device from Monarchy, etc. to see if that helps. Just a thought, and best of luck.
myoussif: yes, sorry, I forgot Transparent doesn't do the electronics on their digital cable. They probably tried but lost too many bits.
Thanks for all of the great responses. I have the Valhalla on the way to audition as well as the Concierto Grand & possibly the Purist Audio Dominus. I'll let you guys know how they worked out. If you have more suggestions keep them coming.