Looking for a line conditioner

Hello. I am looking for a line conditioner that actually makes an impact on the sound of a system. My setup is Coda 16 amp, Coda 07x pre, Holo May KTE Dac and Aurender N20. I am currently using a Pangea. I have heard the Synergistic Research power cell 8 and Audioquest series conditioners are pretty good but I have never heard them in a system. Thanks for your input. 


I’m a big fan of the Audience products. I’ve never compared them directly with any others, but the AR6T made a very positive improvement in my system compared to a Wiremold (Naim) strip. Plus, Audience has excellent customer service and support. I use their cables as well. I see one up for sale for 2K, which is a great deal, unless you need more than 6 outlets. Not sure if it can handle the Coda amp, but if you email audience, you’ll probably have an answer within 24 hours. I had my Viva plugged into it with no issues, but that was only 18 watts Class A. 

I think PS audio make good one.I have ps audio 300 it is excellent. Audioquest are good too I have the n1200 .If sound improvement is what you are looking for? Get power strip of Wisdom Audio Technology , talk to Jim and buy Puron. This combo is amazingly good. I have them on my main system and my second system.synergistic are super good but with a price.