Looking for a line conditioner

Hello. I am looking for a line conditioner that actually makes an impact on the sound of a system. My setup is Coda 16 amp, Coda 07x pre, Holo May KTE Dac and Aurender N20. I am currently using a Pangea. I have heard the Synergistic Research power cell 8 and Audioquest series conditioners are pretty good but I have never heard them in a system. Thanks for your input. 


I think PS audio make good one.I have ps audio 300 it is excellent. Audioquest are good too I have the n1200 .If sound improvement is what you are looking for? Get power strip of Wisdom Audio Technology , talk to Jim and buy Puron. This combo is amazingly good. I have them on my main system and my second system.synergistic are super good but with a price.

I have heard a lot of people claim the Puritan made a real difference in their system. That is likely where I will look when I replace my Furman. 

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To push the envelope: one type of conditioner can be used for source components - another type for amps. One conditioner can be used for analog - another for digital. Digital is known for regurgitating noise back into the system circuitry. Several brands of conditioners internally isolate the digital from analog - but my ears preferred separate units for each. Much depends on your budget and level of OCD.   Start with one, you can always add another later. YMMV.