Looking for a line conditioner

Hello. I am looking for a line conditioner that actually makes an impact on the sound of a system. My setup is Coda 16 amp, Coda 07x pre, Holo May KTE Dac and Aurender N20. I am currently using a Pangea. I have heard the Synergistic Research power cell 8 and Audioquest series conditioners are pretty good but I have never heard them in a system. Thanks for your input. 


The Sorcer X4 does not need the additional Wizard. 

In fact, I have 2 of these units and I find that one of them works fine throughout the house. Thus, the sale.


+1 for the Puritan products. I use the Puritan PSM 156 and the Puritan power cords with the same CODA gear in my system (CODA 16 and 07X preamp) with excellent results.