Looking for a line conditioner

Hello. I am looking for a line conditioner that actually makes an impact on the sound of a system. My setup is Coda 16 amp, Coda 07x pre, Holo May KTE Dac and Aurender N20. I am currently using a Pangea. I have heard the Synergistic Research power cell 8 and Audioquest series conditioners are pretty good but I have never heard them in a system. Thanks for your input. 


+1 for the Puritan products. I use the Puritan PSM 156 and the Puritan power cords with the same CODA gear in my system (CODA 16 and 07X preamp) with excellent results. 

The Furman pst-8 has served me very well, so much so, think I'll buy another. Audioquest Niagara 1200 is also great, but at a significantly higher price  (also own one). 

Don't waste your $$ on Puritan or Furman.....ANSUZ Mains8.....$3400...Nothing like it. Uses active Tesla Coils...Way ahead in technology and boy did it change the sound...more open and spacious and the vocals are Live in your room...best piece of gear I ever added to my system...a real gamechanger.