Looking for a new amp

Need help, new 7 ch amp. Driving 4 high,  2 surround and center.  I started to look and so far found wyred4sound mc7150, emotiva eda-7  and emotiva a-7. Trying to keep low budget under 2k. Room is 14x24x8. How many watts do I really need?  Totem 8in  ceiling speakers  and Martin Logan cinerama center.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.  Thanks
Most amps are actually single-ended.  Only certain specific amps are actually differential/balanced, and multi-channel amps are almost never differential/balanced.  Also, the initial version of the Monolith did not have XLR inputs, so it is most likely single-ended anyways.

On the Nord, when you pull up the page on the NC252 amp, scroll down to under the "Add to Basket" button and there will be a "USD to Euro" conversion widget.  It defaults to USD to Euro, so I assumed they are charging Euros.  If you are really interested in the Nord, maybe shoot them an email?
Ooooo, I copied the amount with symbol and pasted in Google,  that's where I got the figure from.   Didn't see conversion on the bottom.  I have been leaning towards the monolith 7x, 1600.00 also found a 125.00 coupon for it. Making it more intriguing. 
Did you decide? I'm in the same boat as you? Trying to get something for 1500$ and not sure which one