Looking for a new integrated amp

I am looking at three different choices for a new integrated amp. My budget is about $2000. The amps that I am considering are: 1. Rogue Sphinx V3   2. Creek EVO100A    3. Musical Fidelity M5si. What are everyone's experiences with these amps? Does one outshine the others? My taste in music are primarily rock, blues, and classical. My preferences are a wide and deep soundstage with a lot of detail. The rest of my system includes Pro Ject turntable with a ZYX Bloom 3 cartridge, Lounge LCR mkIII and Lounge Copla (both with the silver wire upgrade) and Tekton Double Impact speakers. Opinions on what would sound best with what I have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks....
1. Croft Integrated amplifier 
2. Belles Aria Integrated

OP - I was in your position not too long ago. Key is to make sure you pair the integrated amp closely to your speakers. I am sure there is a forum just for Tekton speakers where you can learn from others what works best. 

In any case I needed to match an integrated to my Harbeth p3esr in my office set up, which means I needed all musical note production at low volume and the p3esr matches superbly with the Croft Integrated. My other condition was the amp should be hybrid. Now I listen and prefer to listen to my office set up much more than my main listening set up which is x10 more expensive. Good luck. 
I have a mf nu vista , its quite nice actually ,but if I was spending 2k on power I would buy this integrated tonight thats for sale used here .(I do not know the owner and not trying to sway you into used ) but this is getting you into much deeper end of the pond imho .

BAT VK-300x SE Hybrid Integrated Amp

If you could stretch yourself a bit. I would take a look at the Cary Audio SI-300.2D integrated. You can leverage their zero interest program - plus test it in your system with a 30 day trial.  

Before you buy any of those take a good look at the Peachtree Nova 300 or 500. Stunning performance and goobs of clean smooth power.