Looking for a new (preowned OK) line stage under $5K: suggestions?

Considering upgrading my near vintage Classe Audio DR5 preamp, which I use as a line stage, for the following system:


Feickert Volare TT/Audimods 6 arm/Hanna ML cartridge, EAT Petit phono stage, Naim CD 5 disc player, Pass XA 25 amp, Joseph Audio Pulsar 2 Graphene speakers/Sound Anchor stands, Synergistic Research Foundation full loom.


Basically, looking to maximize dynamics as well as a touch more midrange bloom and dimensionality.  Slightly to warm side of neutral preferred over lean.


I'm thinking a tubed unit would work best, but I'd consider SS if it fits.


Also considering warmer cables, planning on swapping Xavfino's (Fusion) for the Synergistic's as a trial.


The basic issue is that the room is somewhat too "live" sounding, and my wife won't approve of room treatments (it's also a family room).


The system otherwise sounds great, and maybe within the described constraints, there's not much I can do effectively.


Input appreciated!


Thanks for all the suggestions!

A big problem with this system is that the listening area features A LOT of glass, a design feature to showcase wonderful mountain views that cannot be compromised.  Additionally, ceiling height in the listening area is only 7 1/2 feet, which is not helpful.

I'm thinking a demo (loaner) line stage is a reasonable path to testing the potential benefits.

Also may order a few portable acoustic panels from GIK Acoustics (relatively inexpensive) and see how much I can improve the room (and hide them under a bed when not in use).

A ceiling diffuser would be ideal, but a no go with the missus so ...


Assuming your speakers are up against the view… glass. Tube diffusers behind your speakers… no higher than your speakers.. Wall behind add a decorative thick woven carpet. Diffuser panels at side reflection points. I don’t know what your room looks like adapt ideas.

There could be a key place you absolutely need a panel. Then make it self standing and slide it out of the way when not listening. The real key is to figure out what treatments are required… then figure out how to make them unobtrusive or movable. Test with a ladder and a hung set of blankets or some other proxy to figure out what it takes. Then think through how to make it happen either looking good or movable.

You can get these with any art you want covering the panels and they are only 2’ X 2’ and said to be very effective